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Affordable Web Design For Small Business :: E-commerce (Online Shop)
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E-commerce (Online Shop) Packages :: Affordable Web Design for Small Business

VIC Cycles

Kick start your online sales - choose from 3 simple options:

E-commerce 101 -  Starter: 1 product page - no shopping cart.
View Demo
Show a small product range or most popular products to attract enquiries.
E-commerce 201 -  Intermediate: 1 product category + many products + shopping cart.
View Demo
Sell a few dozen products online.
E-commerce 301 -  Advanced: Many product categories + products + shopping cart.
Sell hundreds of products online.

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Thousands of Kiwis now research products online before they buy.

Get a search engine friendly online showroom or shop that looks professional and loads fast.
It will be easy to use and easy for your prospects to find the information they are looking for so that when they are redy to buy, you are at the top of their list.


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Features - Your Web Site Includes:





1 Domain Name

More about domain names.

Email Forwarding

We'll forward email from info@yourname.co.nz to your current email address, e.g. yourname@slingshot.co.nz. More info.

Home Page

Your home page is often the first impression potential clients get of your business.

We'll help you make it count by showing them how you can help them. And we'll do it quickly by using as few words as possible.

Greater Mobility

About Us Page


A good about us page can boost your conversion rate by up to 30%.
We'll show you how to write an about us page that answers your visitors questions and helps them move on to your contact us page.

Contact Us Page

Don't forget to make it really easy for people to contact you!
See our example


10 No limit
No limit


1 10 No limit

Category Pages

1 No limit

For E-commerce 101 we'll create a single product page and set up all your products for you - see the demo.

For E-commerce 201 we'll set up a single category page and the structure for your products and categories and we'll show you how to add products. See the E-commerce 201 demo.

For E-commerce 301 we'll set up the product and category structure for your web site and show you how to add products and categories. See the E-commerce 301 demo.

Prospects usually visit your web site for one of 2 reasons:
1. To research your products and services so they can choose what to buy and who to buy it from.
2. They've heard of you and they want to evaluate your credibility before they buy from you.
So use your products page to give them all the information they seek and you're more likely to convert the sale.

Examples of Product Pages

(Click an image to zoom)

Examples of Category Pages

(Click an image to zoom)

Content Manager - Easy to Update


Ecommerce 201 & 301 include Anyware's content manager - the simplest web site editor you'll ever use.
You can add and update pages and products and add images. It allows you to easily change the things you need to change while preventing you from breaking anything else.
More about Anyware's Content Manager.

Shopping Cart


Ecommerce 201 & 301 include Anyware's shopping cart. It's a well rounded shopping cart that fully meets 95% of merchants requirements.
It includes features like order confirmations, delivery confirmations, download orders to Excel and weight based delivery costs. It includes payment options for manual or real time credit card processing, Internet Banking, payment on account and vouchers.
If you have extreme shopping cart requirements we can help you evaluate your requirements and choose another shopping cart that suits you better.

Paystation Online Payment Gateway



Ecommerce 301 includes Anyware's Paystation Integration module.
This allows you to accept credit card payments in real time via Paystation.

Generally we recommend using manual credit card processing if your order volumes are less than 20 per month. This involves entering credit card numbers into your EFTPOS machine to process payments.

For more than 20 orders per month Paystation is usually the simplest and most cost effective option until you reach hundreds of transactions per month.

Proof Reading

We'll check the spelling and readability of your web site. 

VIC Cycles

Web Site Layout



We use simple designs that customers love!

E-commerce 101 uses our simple, proven template designs which have delivered great first impressions and got the message across time and again.

E-commerce 201 & 301 use one of our pre-designed business web site layouts, customised with your brand. They are simple, easy to navigate and look great.
Your web site will give a great first impression and reinforce your brand. Why is brand so important?

While we recommend using a uniquely branded design for your web site we do understand that this is not neccessary for every business.
You may not have a logo yet, you may feel the extra cost is not necessary or you may be very happy with one of our template designs.

Either package is upgradeable to a custom branded design.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation

Your web site will be optimised to get the best ranking for your business name. While we can't guarantee you a number 1 ranking, it's likely that people will be able to find you on page 1 of Google if they search for you by name.
Search engine optimisation is too complex a subject to cover here - please contact us if you'd like to know more.


1 hour DIY DIY

If you choose a package with the Content Manager then once we've shown you how to update your web site, you can make changes when ever you want.
For changes you ask us to make we'll always give you a quote first.


Add these options to your package:

Review Page Text

Even if you are a capable writer we can add value by reviewing the text you write and suggesting ideas for improvement. The gain we help you achieve in enquiries and sales makes this a great investment.

Write Page Text/Sales Copy

Even if you are not a confident writer you are probably the top expert on your business. Give us a brain dump and we can write the words for you.


Please tell us if you'd like us to supply images. We're happy to give you a quote.

Galaxy NaturalYour Investment

E-commerce Package




Set up fee




Credit card merchant account (from your bank, approx) $200 $200
Paystation Account Setup (from Paystation Ltd)

All prices exclude GST.

See our guide to online payments and fees for more info. Includes info about setting up your credit card merchant account so you can accept credit card payments.

Monthly Costs

Web Site Hosting (what's this?)
(Includes 10% annual or prompt payment discount)
Monthly shopping cart fee The lesser of $95 per month or 5% of turn over - i.e. if you sell nothing you pay nothing.
(E-commerce 201 & 301 only)
Paystation transaction fee $10 (+ 10c per transaction if over 100 transactions)
(E-commerce 301 only)

Annual Costs

Domain Name Renewal (what's this?) $60

Ongoing Maintenance

Make changes yourself using the optional content manager or ask us to make changes and we'll give you a quote first.


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